Reward Calendar

The Reward Calendar is accessible on the platform from the

The calendar has two different views, which might be confusing at first. Be sure to read the section on the Earn-Claim-Collect Cycle to help make the process clearer.

Reward Claims

As you earn rewards (rakeback, daily, weekly, monthly or level-up benefits) those rewards will become eligible to claim. This view allows you to see when those rewards become available to claim (today, or in the future) as well as to view pas claims you've made or missed.

Make sure to return to claim any rewards within before they expire. Failing to do so will lead to those rewards expiring and being missed!


When you claim a reward, some of that reward will be allocated to future days for you to come back and collect. The 'Collections' view shows you balances that are available to collect (today, or in the future) and to see past balances which you collected or missed.

Make sure to return to collect any reward payments from your Reward Calendar each day. Failing to return to the calendar will lead to these rewards being missed and forfeit.

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