Connect to Zeebit

Two Ways to Connect

There are two ways to connect to Zeebit - whether you’re a Web3 native or someone more familiar with Web2 platforms, we’ve got you covered:

Solana Web3 Wallets

Learn more about Web3 Wallets here.

  • Connect with Phantom, Solfare or Slope.

  • Keep a tight grasp on your assets and have full control of your transactions.

pageSolana Web3 Wallets

Social Logins (Web3auth)

We recommend using Social wallets (Web3auth) for the best user experience – it's much smoother, and doesn’t require signing every transaction.

Learn More About Web3Auth Social Logins here.

  • Connect with Google, Discord or Twitter.

  • Use familiar social logins to connect with simplicity, but without compromising the decentralized experience.

pageSocial Logins

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