Project Assurance

We understand that participating in Public Beta comes with a certain degree of risk. That's why the project wants to provide the following assurances to participants at this stage:

  • Participation is recorded! Users who interact and provide valuable feedback will be noted and considered for future community rewards and recognition.

  • If an error in the protocol leads to incorrect losses (i.e. a bet is incorrectly settled), the team will endeavor to make users whole for this, within reason. Of course, there should be no intention by players to game this gesture of good will or exploit such an error for that purpose.

The assessment of whether such a loss has occurred and whether compensation should be made will be at the sole discretion of the team. The intention here is that sincere losses resulting from bugs or errors are made whole. It is expected that:

  • Any such issue should be reported to the team ASAP.

  • There should be no intent by the player to exploit such an error and the goodwill gesture offered here.

  • The player should be operating within reasonable scale of funds - i.e. modest sums kept in the interacting wallet and modest sums of funds wagered.

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