What 'Public Beta' Means

Zeebit has gone through internal testing and closed alpha testing, but may still contain bugs and issues - which is why the platform remains in 'Public Beta'.

Most issues are close to being fully addressed and fixed as the protocol nears its first smart contract Audit report.

Key factors to be aware of:

  • Zeebit is undergoing a formal smart contract audit with security experts Sec3.

  • Public Beta runs on Solana mainnet, which means placing bets involves real SOL, USDC and USDT. As with all gambling, please only bet with what you can afford to lose as you’re using real assets.

  • Liquidity in the protocol's pool is still limited and certain platform functionality has not yet been enabled. Please read the Known Limitations & Disabled Features section to understand more.

  • Solana Mainnet has been slow in recent weeks due to greatly increased user activity - read more on the subject in Solana Network Congestion.

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