Fund Wallet from CEX

Funding your Web3 Wallet by purchasing tokens from a CEX (centralized exchange).

Create a CEX Account

You will need to register an account with the CEX (centralized exchange) of your choosing.

This generally takes some time and will require you to provide some personal details to support the exchange’s KYC process.

Be sure to check that your selected CEX supports:

  • Purchasing spot SOL and USDC.

  • Solana network withdrawals of USDC and SOL.

Top Up With FIAT

To begin, you will need to transfer FIAT funds (i.e. Euros, Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars, etc) from your bank account to the exchange. Most exchanges support bank transfers as well as debit/credit card top-ups.

You will need to follow the steps for the given exchange you're operating with, but the process is generally well explained in their docs. Sometimes, top-up processes may take a day or two to clear before the funds appear in your exchange account.

Get SOL and USDC

Once you have FIAT funds available within your exchange account, you will be able to trade and purchase assets.

Make sure that you are always trading the spot asset, and not futures or other derivative contracts supported by some exchanges.

  1. Search or navigate to the market for the asset you wish to purchase (SOL and USDC).

  2. Specify the buy order you wish to place by selecting your order type, the price (if not using a market order) and the quantity - then place your order.

  3. Once your orders have been executed, you should be able to view your SOL and USDC (or simply USD - depending on the exchange) balance within your centralized exchange wallet or balances tab.

  4. Next, you need to withdraw these tokens to your Solana Wallet.

  5. If you created a wallet with a Social login (Web3 Auth), click on the 'Wallet' button.

  6. Under 'Fund', select the asset you wish to airdrop to your wallet - then copy the fund address shown.

  7. Insert the copied address when withdrawing from the exchange.

Now your wallet is funded, and you're ready to bet.

Go to the funding guide section to understand how funding works on Zeebit, or go ahead and place a bet!

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