Solana Network Congestion

Solana has been hot recently.

We're delighted to be part of such a thriving and growing ecosystem. However, that does come with one small trade-off - we've seen some increased congestion on the Solana mainnet network over recent weeks.

Why is Betting Slow?

If you notice that placing a bet is taking longer than expected, please be aware that it is not "broken". It may just be caught up in a particularly busy/congested period for the network. Please refresh your browser if a bet takes longer than a minute to confirm.

When we ran our initial testing on the Zeebit protocol, placing a bet took 0.85 - 1.2 seconds. But in recent weeks bet times have varied.

The Zeebit team (along with Solana's own development team, and many other teams across the ecosystem) are working hard to develop solutions to this congestion.

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