My Zeebros

This is where players can claim their winnings, have an overview of their current Zeebros and view their past history.

Several types of information are visible here, examples include:

  • Current claimable winnings, with a button to claim winnings.

  • Stake Winnings Dashboard - Game statistics such as number of wins, total winnings, missed winnings, claimed winnings, etc.

  • My Zeebros - A view of all owned/staked player Zeebros, their status, and statistics relating to them.

  • My Winnings - Past wins filterable by Zeebro/Trait lottery.

To stake/unstake your Zeebro, simply click on the stake/unstake button next to the relevant Zeebro under the β€˜My Zeebros’ section. This will open up the staking modal.

At any time, a player can also click on:

  • A specific trait to open up the Trait Modal – which provides information on Supply/Staked rarity, win history and many other metrics.

  • A specific attribute to open up the Attribute Modal – which provides information on trait distribution, win history and many other metrics.

  • A specific Zeebro to open up a NFT modal – which provides information such as Trait distribution, win expectancy, lifetime winnings and more metrics for that Zeebro

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