Zeebros Utility.

Gamified Profit Sharing

Requires Zeebros to be staked.

Zeebro stakers will be able to access three unique sources of gamified profit sharing:

  • 10% of casino platform edge distributed daily through gamified profit share pools - stake to earn AND participate to earn even more!

  • NFT unstaking fee distributions

  • Marketplace royalty fee distributions

In-Platform Benefits

Zeebro holders will also recieve several in-platform benefits:

  • Increased rakeback rates (stakers only)

  • NFT gated leaderboards and competitions

  • Early access to new features, games and alpha

  • Unique player profile wreaths and badges

Airdrop Eligibility

Requires Zeebros to be staked.

Staked Zeebros will rack up airdrop eligibility points for the $ZBT token which will be launched in the future. A small percentage of the token allocation will be reserved for Zeebro stakers! Wallets that bought a Zeebro during the presale round will gain a multiplier to the $ZBT airdrop points they earn through staking.

The earlier the round of purchase, and the more Zeebros purchased, the bigger the multiplier!

Additional Benefits

Zeebro holders will also gain additional benefits such as:

  • Access to future exclusive Zeebit initiatives

  • Benefits on ecosystem partner platforms

Staking is under development and will be available later in Q1 2024.

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