Known Limitations & Disabled Features

You may encounter some of the issues below – which are either by design or are features which are not yet enabled.

Please don't report or flag these unless they are behaving in a way that you would not expect:

  • Geoblocking - Geoblocking is in place for a list of prohibited jurisdictions. While the protocol is decentralized and distributed, the platform is subject to some risks. The list of prohibited jurisdictions may change over time but has been put in place with thoughtful consideration by the team and legal advisors with the aim of ensuring the longevity of the project.

  • Limited Liquidity - Liquidity in the protocol's pool is partially limited during the early stage of Public Beta. For this reason you won't be able to make massive bets. This is not a bug/problem – the protocol's risk management is simply doing its job correctly when faced with very limited capital. The house's liquidity will be gradually increased, and will be ramped up heavily once primary smart contract audits are complete.

  • Available Features - Certain features of the app are not yet enabled - this includes promotions, collecting referral commissions, notifications, information on levels/ranks/benefits, rakeback and other bonuses, as well as many games still under development. It is possible to create referral links and accrue referral revenue share, but the ability to claim those rewards has not yet been enabled. Many of these features have been developed into the underlying protocol/smart contracts, and we're hard at work to get them integrated into the platform as soon as possible.

  • Solana Congestion - Solana mainnet has recently been strained due to sudden growth in user numbers and on-chain activity. Slow transaction speeds or latency may be common until solutions are implemented by both Solana at the network level, as well as by our team and others. We have a more detailed write up on this known issue - Solana Network Congestion.

  • Mobile Device UIs: There may be occasional display glitches on some mobile devices. Designing and building a terrific UI that accommodates every variation of mobile screen is a very difficult task.

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