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Welcome to Zeebit, the first truly decentralized casino on Solana.

The future of CasinoFi is:

  • Fully Decentralized

  • 100% On-chain & Transparent

  • Permissionless & Non-Custodial

  • All-original & Provably Fair Games

Backed by some of the best in Venture Capital, and born from the expertise of a Solana native team - Zeebit aims to revolutionize CasinoFi by building a fully decentralized and verifiably fair platform that combines a smooth Web2 User Experience with extensive Web3 functionality.

Enjoy an unparalleled on-chain gaming experience that is permissionless, fair, and above all – fun.

Zeebit recently launched Public Beta - a fully open, beta version of the platform live on Solana mainnet. Get started with the What is Public Beta?.

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