Social Logins

How to connect to Zeebit with a social login.

Connect to Zeebit with Google, Discord, or Twitter!

Thanks to Web3Auth supported Social Logins, you can enjoy a truly decentralized gaming experience without needing a Web3 Wallet on Zeebit.

We recommend using Social (Web3auth) wallets for the best user experience – it's much smoother, and doesn’t require signing every transaction.

Currently Supported Social Logins (more coming soon)

  • Google

  • Discord

  • Twitter

Connecting with Social Login

  1. Navigate to and click the 'Connect' button.

  2. Under 'Connect', select Google, Twitter or Discord.

  3. An external tab will pop up allowing you to connect to your selected social account – this creates a smart wallet address connected to your social account.

  4. Read and sign the Terms and Conditions (all boxes must be checked).

  5. (Optional) Customise your player profile, provide an email address, opt in for communications and exclusive promotions or simply skip.

  6. Click ‘Fund SOL’ to load up your wallet with SOL (this will direct you to the fund your wallet section) or click 'later'.

Read more on how to fund your Social Login wallet here.

That’s it, you’re connected and ready to bet! Go to the Place a Bet section to start betting.

If you’ve chosen to not fund your wallet during signup or want to refill funds, go to the Fund Wallet section.

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