Smart Contract Audits


  • A full smart contract audit was performed by Sec3 on Zeebit's three core smart contracts.

  • A number of issues were identified which have now been addressed or acknowledged as not posing a risk.

  • A subsequent review has been performed by Sec3 to validate the changes implemented to address previously flagged issues.


The three Zeebit core smart contracts have undergone an audit by leading web3 security firm, Sec3 (formerly Soteria).

The Zeebit core contract suits consists of:

  • Cashier - which handles settlement/transfer of funds, player accounts, statistics, XP, bonus systems, etc

  • Random - which deals with requests for on-chain published randomness

  • Casino - which contains the standardized interface for games, as well as game-specific logic for the suite of games on Zeebit


The full audit report is available below:

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