Navigating The Game

Zeebro Profit Stakers has various modals, views and dashboards – enabling players to view detailed statistics and information to formulate unique strategies and play the game to the best of their ability!

To play the game, first go to the Zeebros NFT page.

From here you’ll have access to various pages and modals, which can be split up into three categories:

  • General Dashboard – An overview of the game with information such as daily prize pools, the latest winners, analytics and more.

  • My Zeebros Dashboard – This is your personal Zeebro portal, allowing you to view details about your staked Zeebro as well as information such as your performance in the game.

  • Collection Dashboard – This page gives players an overview of how other players are performing in the game, as well as detailed analytics on every Zeebro playing the game.

Through these pages, you’ll also be able to view the following:

  • Attribute & Trait Modals – Modals allowing players to see statistics such as trait/staked rarity, win history and more for individual traits and attributes.

  • NFT Modals – Modals allowing players to various statistics such as win expectancy, lifetime win history, stake period and more for specific Zeebros.

  • Staking Modals – Modals allowing players to stake/unstake the selected Zeebro, with information such as the benefit gained from that Zeebro, unstaking taxes and more.

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