All attributes and the traits within them have an equal chance of being selected in any given epoch.

However, not all traits are created equally – and the rarer the attribute, the fewer possible stakers you’ll have to share the prize with.

If a rarer trait, or a trait with a tiny percentage staked is selected, players split the prize pool with fewer people – which means they win more!

In some cases, the entire trait prize pool may go to a single player!

Two Types Of Rarity

There are two types of rarity for each trait - supply rarity and staked rarity, both of which affect a player’s expected profit share:

  • Supply Rarity – An indicator of how much of the attribute supply a trait counts for (Number of Given Trait/Total Number of Traits in Attribute). A high supply rarity means that there are few of that trait within the attribute.

For example, there are only 4 golden eyes in the Eyes & Accessories attribute. This means it accounts for a very small percentage of the attribute supply, and therefore has a very high supply rarity. If the golden eyes trait was selected to win, a maximum of 4 Zeebros could split the prize pool.

  • Staked Rarity - The ratio of the number of a particular trait staked/the number of all staked Zeebros. A high staked rarity means that a small proportion of that trait is staked relative to the whole collection.

For example, if only 1/4 golden eyes are staked, that means the trait will have a very high staked rarity (1/3,333 staked). If the golden eyes trait was selected to win, only the 1 staked Zeebro would take the whole prize pool.

Each trait is equally likely to be selected on any given day, but the higher the supply rarity and staked rarity, the fewer people you can expect to share the pot with.

Therefore, accumulating and staking rare traits with a low % staked will lead to a larger expected profit share.

Rarer Supply Trait => Likely to have fewer Staked => Larger Expected Profit Share

Supply Rarity cannot change, so is a good long term bet.

However, Staked Rarity can and will fluctuate continuously.

There is a lot of potential to 'play the game' by finding value in Staked Rarity discrepancies and increase your share of the distributions!

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