Benefits Overview

Zeebit has built the most advanced and exclusive Reward System in Web3. The fusion of CasinoFi and DeFi unfolds the most sophisticated on-chain rewards system to date From unique gaming experience in CasinoFi to earning daily rewards on the platform

Here's everything you need to know on how to maximize your winnings and have a great time doing so:

Initially, Zeebit Rewards are rolling out in $USDC tokens. However, anticipate a transition to $ZBT payouts following the official launch of the Zeebit Token, marking a new era of platform benefits.

XP Points 🔥

From the start, your interactions on Zeebit are tracked via XP (Experience Points), growing as you engage and wager. XP accumulation is consistent across all bet sizes and outcomes, ensuring fairness in your journey to rewards.

XP accrues based on your level of activity -- and accrues at the same rate for a given bet size, whether any given bet is won or lost.

But wait there’s more: XP isn't just for betting. Engage in our vibrant community through challenges, quests, and more to supercharge your XP gains. So you might want to keep your eyes on our Discord and X profile to make sure you don't miss out.

XP will be the primary driver for major future project distributions such as airdrops.

Climbing the Ranks 🏅

As you accrue XP points, you'll climb through the ladder of reward tiers.

The protocol does not automatically move you to the next level or claim rewards, although it will notify you when you have reached the next XP milestone, and are eligible to level-up.

You will need to trigger a level-up and claim any applicable rewards in order to advance to the next rank and to obtain the benefits of your new rank.

Your XP points are your ladder to success, with each rung bringing new tiers of rewards. Receive automatic notifications upon reaching new levels, claiming these rewards and advancing in rank is in your hands.

Only you will be able to action each level up and claim on Zeebit.

Explore the ranks accessible via your profile or the Profile Widget with 26 levels waiting for you to climb.

🎁 Level-Up Bonuses

You receive your very first award from your very first rank achievement (Amber I)

With each new rank increasing the size of your Level-Up Bonuses.

As you climb the ranks, the size of your Level-Up Bonuses will get larger and larger!

🔄 Rakeback

Every bet on Zeebit isn't just a chance at winning but a guaranteed step towards more rakeback. Starting from your very first wager, every bet—win or lose—fuels your rakeback rewards, which only grow as you climb through the ranks.

Rakeback does not factor into account the outcome of the bet, so you are earning rakeback with each bet you make -- win or lose!

The rate at which you'll earn rakeback accelerates as you climb up the ranks.

You can also increase the rate at which you earn rakeback by staking a Zeebro NFT. Read more here.

Each day (midnight to midnight UTC timezone) you'll accrue rakeback, which will be available to claim the following day (midnight to midnight UTC timezone). Just remember to come back to claim it.

Make sure you remember to claim your Rakeback Bonus before it expires!

Push your rakeback rate further by embracing the power of Zeebro NFTs. Remember, your rakeback accumulates daily and awaits your claim the following day. Don't let these rewards slip away—ensure you claim your Rakeback Bonus before it expires.

⚡️ Rakeback Boosts

Unlock a buff every time you level up with our Rakeback Boost. For an hour following your claim, your rakeback earnings skyrocket, taking your rewards to the moon.

The moment you activate your Rakeback Boost, the Zeebit app pulses with an electric green aesthetic complete with a lightning bolt icon and a countdown to keep you locked in.

Get into this earning spree from the start, with no minimum level barriers holding you back.

You'll notice the rewards area of the app will also turn electric green, and display a Rakeback Boost (lightning bolt) symbol, as well as a countdown timer while your boost remains active.

Time-Based Bonuses 🕓

Zeebit your rewards one step further with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bonuses! These bonuses grow alongside your achievements – the higher your rank, the bigger and more frequent the rewards. Each rank-up unlocks a new wave of bonuses, making your experience better with each play.

  • Monthly Bonus is unlocked at rank Amber I.

  • Weekly Bonus is unlocked at rank Pearl I.

  • Daily Bonus is unlocked at rank Onyx I.

In addition to unlocking new and more regular types of bonus, as you climb the ranks, the size of these bonuses will get larger and larger!

🤝 Referral Rewards

What's better than getting rewarded for sharing with your community and friends? Zeebit becomes even more rewarding when you start referring.

You'll accrue rewards based on tour referred friend's level of activity - regardless of their wins or losses.

Invite your circle to join, and watch your earnings increase with their activity. Everyone wins! You enjoy the rewards, regardless of their game outcomes. Start benefiting from your referrals with immediate effect!

Bonus Claim & Reward Calendar 📆

Zeebit introduces a new way to enjoy your winnings by spreading them over time. Each claim you make splits your rewards, with a portion instantly boosting your wallet, and another added to your Reward Calendar for future claims.

Zeebit wants to encourage its most active users on the platform with these rewards.

Remember if you miss the claim window for your rewards they are gone for good! Each reward waits for your collection in a designated calendar, offering a clear view of what's ready to claim now and what's lined up for the future.

Head on over to the 'Reward Claims' to track your upcoming winnings, and explore 'Collections' to gather your allocated rewards. Zeebit's Reward System is designed to keep you in the game, every day.

This mechanism rewards players for actively participating and returning to Zeebit each day.

Make sure to return to collect any reward payments from your Reward Calendar each day. Failing to return to the calendar will lead to these rewards being missed and forfeit.

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