Referral Bonuses

Zeebit's referral and affiliate program is designed to reward those who help bring new players to the Zeebit ecosystem.

The referral mechanism is designed to reward for years to come, with rewards administered 100% on-chain via smart contract on Solana's immutable ledger!

How Does it Work?

Create your own referral code and share it with friends!

You'll be rewarded with 10% of the edge generated by the wagers of anyone signing up with your link.

Unlike many platforms, Zeebit referral commission is paid based on every bet's edge — so you'll continue to earn no matter if those referred friends win or lose!

You can check back to the referrals tab to see how many players you've referred, how much you commission you've accrued and to collect available accruals whenever you like.

How to Refer

Please ensure you have enough SOL in your wallet for atleast 1 action - creating an on-chain referral link counts as an action that requires gas.

  1. Click on the 'Referrals' tab on the left hand side navigation bar.

  2. Enter the name of your referral link in the text box - the name should be unique and fall within the minimum/maximum character limits.

  3. Click on 'Create Code'. This will prompt you to sign a transaction if using your own Web3 wallet, but if you're using a Social wallet (Web3 Auth) you won't need to do so.

  4. You can now view your referral code here, as well as all the stats related to it. Click on 'Copy Link' to copy your referral link - which you can now share with anyone.

  5. Click on the 'Referred Players' tab to have a view on all the players you've referred.

Content Creator or Professional Affiliate?

If you're a content creator or professional affiliate, enhanced or bespoke referral terms could be available to you.

Enhanced affiliate referral terms are only available to higher tier KOLs/ambassadors and those who anticipate to refer in excess of 100 players or $100,000 of wagering volume - additional conditions may be attached to bespoke terms.

If this sounds like you, please join our Discord and reach our to a team member or open a support ticket to learn more.

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